The Impact of Radical Dramaturgy

Raising the voice of the Pacific Northwest

We ensure that the diverse voices and experiences of the Pacific Northwest are represented on stage.

Getting work on stage

We partner with playhouses throughout the region to connect our playwrights with producers and directors. We host readings to ensure that new work is heard.

A critical advocate

More than a new works factory, we work from the outset to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

Keeping it fresh

Connecting playwrights directly to a supportive community creates fosters a positive ecosystem for new works. We are the anti-writer’s block.

Connecting the community

We build an informed, critical community of theatergoers, growing support for theater and the arts community in general.


In theater as in life, just a little bit can change everything.

We build a community of new works through radical dramaturgical support.

As Bert Cardullo wrote, “the dramaturg’s duties are to select and prepare play-texts for performance; to advise directors and actors; and to educate the audience.”

Radical dramaturgical support includes radically inclusive thinking, anti-oppressive measures, dramaturgically-informed hospitality, support around best practices, and more. The role of radical dramaturgy is holistic, creative, and central to the process of developing new theatrical work.


Resolve to change lives all year long.

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