Programs & Projects

We support our community with these programs and projects:

Script Consultancy

For playwrights at any point in their career, we recommend engaging in Umbrella Project Script Consultancy. Playwrights will be paired with an Umbrella Project dramaturg for one-on-one sessions to discuss their script. Our dramaturgs aid playwrights in structure, character development, world-building, amongst many other aspects of accelerating a new play.

Plays at any stage are accepted, though our model works best for projects at or beyond a first draft. All plays that come to Umbrella Project via Script Consultancy may be considered for future co-productions with the playwright’s consent. Read more.

Writers Group

The Writers Group is a one-year residency in which members become a part of the Umbrella Project artist community.

Four writers and four dramaturgs meet monthly throughout 2018 to share new work and receive feedback from their peers. Meetings and discussions are facilitated by Umbrella Project’s Director of Dramaturgy, Sara Keats.

Members also receive dramaturgical support and artistic match-making advice from Umbrella Project staff, as well as a staged reading on their work. Read more.