Script Consultancy

One-on-one consultation with an Umbrella Project dramaturg

For playwrights at any point in their career, we recommend engaging in Umbrella Project Script Consultancy. Playwrights will be paired with an Umbrella Project dramaturg for one-on-one sessions to discuss their script. Our dramaturgs aid playwrights in structure, character development, world-building, amongst many other aspects of accelerating a new play.

Plays at any stage are accepted, though our model works best for projects at or beyond a first draft. All plays that come to Umbrella Project via Script Consultancy may be considered for future co-productions with the playwright’s consent.

Playwrights who have not worked with any of our dramaturgs in the past must begin with a 90-minute Consultation. If both the playwright and dramaturg want to move forward after the initial conversation, they can continue to have On-going Sessions.

90-minute Consultation

To start, Umbrella Project will have you fill out a form about your project—what your hopes for the play are, a bit about your process, etc.—to help us identify which of our dramaturgs will be the best match for your particular project and goals. Once we’ve assigned you a dramaturg, s/he will read your draft and any notes you send to prepare for your consultation. Then, the dramaturg will meet with you for 90 minutes by phone, Skype, or in person to discuss your script.

If the relationship proves beneficial, we recommend continuing on with an On-going Session.

Rate: $225 flat fee

On-going Sessions

An on-going series of meetings between playwright and dramaturg will bring forth a deep professional relationship and allow them to fully dive into the development of the play. Through On-going Sessions, a playwright may provide the dramaturg with new drafts, additional questions, outlines, etc.

The structure and schedule of On-going Sessions will vary from project to project, and are subject to the availability of both the dramaturg and the playwright.

​Rate: $30/hour

Contact us at to learn more about Script Consultancy and make a connection.