A new year’s update

Onward and upward.

Hello, and happy new yearcherished Umbrella Project supporter,
You haven’t heard from us in a while, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. In the six months since we officially formed Umbrella Project, we’ve successfully completed a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign, co-produced the first full-production of Emily Conbere’s Knocking Birdgot some fancy branded email addresses, partnered with the New-York-based Dramaturgy Open Office Hours Project to revamp office hours sessions in Seattle, went to the Gregory Awards, and networked with a variety of movers and shakers in Seattle and nationally who are helping us reimagine the way new plays are valued, produced, and funded.
We wouldn’t be able to do a single one of those things without your support. Through your financial contributions, your coffee-date consultations, your introductory emails, your attendance at Knocking Bird, your “like” on our Facebook page, your reading of this email, you said “yes.” “Yes” to the place of new plays in our cultural eco-system, “yes” to seeking solutions to the problems that plague the old model of producing new work. “Yes” to Umbrella Project. Your “yes” means the world to us. Thank you.
So what’s next?

We’re currently in the process of finding a home for the second production for Knocking Bird (if you know a theater that you think would be a good fit, email us at literary@umbrellaprojecnw.org). In 2016, we’ll host two First Looks—staged readings for potential producing partners—for local playwrights. We’re also launching The Forecast,our email newsletter that will let you know about upcoming performances and events from our network. Our New Play Calendar is in the works, with plans to be fully operational in the spring. And we’re cooking up another surprise or two that we’re just not able to tell you about yet… (it’s killing us, but we’re trying to be responsible).

We’re all wishing you a sparkling, joyful New Year’s Eve. Rest up, because we’re hitting the ground running in 2016. 

Warm wishes,

Norah Elges
Executive Director, Umbrella Project

P.S. Our Shunpike donation button is working! If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation to Umbrella Project, we can now officially accommodate. Woohoo! Check it out here.

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