A Look Back: Our Kickstarter Campaign

​One year ago we were in the midst of our Kickstarter campaign, a whirlwind crowdfunding effort to raise $20K in 30 short days.
We were pretty overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the all the normal stresses of crowdfunding, sure, but even more overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and generosity of our theatre community near and far. Within the first few weeks, we had received not only generous monetary donations, but all the encouraging words we needed to keep us hustling.

A graphic listing our wonderful Kickstarter donors.

​On September 18, 2015, we exceeded our goal with 251 backers. Now, a year a later, we’re still thriving because of those who pledged their money, advocacy, and advice to our new venture. Whether you were one of those initial backers or you’ve chimed it your encouragement since then, thank you.

​Special shout out and thanks to the early Umbrella Project advocates who appeared in our campaign promotions: Paul Budraitis (director, Knocking Bird), Josh Beerman (playwright), Allison Gregory (playwright), Elizabeth Heffron (playwright), and Darragh Kennan (artistic director, New Century Theatre Company). Extra thanks to advisors Liz Engelman, Caitlin Sullivan, Bob Thordarson, and Gina Davito; playwrights Emily Conbere, Benjamin Benne, and Amy Wheeler. And, of course, we need to send a huge thank you to Angela DiMarco, Mighty Tripod Productions and Tony Tibbetts for the filming, editing, and production of our campaign video, an absolutely necessary part of any successful crowd funding effort.

We also produced our first play, Emily Conbere’s Knocking Bird during our Kickstarter campaign.

​This money has allowed us to take a number of major first steps. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking back at how this campaign—and your support—truly helped launch Umbrella Project into the world. It’s exciting to be able to share that the goals we set for ourselves for our first year are well under way.
Umbrella Project is on a mission to further the life of new plays made in Seattle. By inviting new audiences to experience original theatre and by strengthening the Seattle theatre community’s voice in the national conversation around new work, Umbrella Project will make Seattle a destination for new plays.

​P.S. Moving plays forward is expensive! Though the crowdfunding campaign is over, we’d still appreciate gifts of any size. Visit our Support page to donate.

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